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Hi, I am Doerthe, the founder of Optimeize 101!!

I am not exactly sure what brought you here today, but if I had to guess, you are looking to make a SHIFT in some way!

I get it. As the mother of 3 (almost grown) children, after spending years of my life serving my family I somehow knew that it was TIME for CHANGE.
What is next? Where do I see myself going? What is out there for me?

I took the leap, welcomed change and committed to my own personal growth.

Personal Growth has helped me trememdously to become aware of the opportunities waiting for me!!
And I know they are out there FOR YOU!!  That's why I am excited to offer:

  • Confidential and dynamic groups in which we study growth principles, create accountability, and raise your awarenss for you to see how to step into the next stretch of your journey.
  • the transformational process of coaching:  Open and explorative questions will raise your awareness, open your eyes to what is limiting you, and expand your thinking! It is all about you and letting you find YOUR truth!!  It's about your WIN!!

For more information, please sign up below.  Thank you very much for the opportunity to serve you!   
My best, Doerthe


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